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Calgary Lawn Solutions provides Hydroseeding installation services throughout Calgary and southern Alberta.  

Lush, green grass gives the impression of a well taken care of home - especially in Calgary. Whether you need turf for a new construction project, a specific area of your existing yard, or completely starting your lawn over. We can handle all of your needs. We specialize in hydroseeding installation for both residential homes and commercial properties. From subgrade drainage to even, well-rooted, green Calgary grass - we’ve got you covered.

Calgary Lawn Solutions Inc. has continued to keep Alberta green. Our qualified and expert land reclamation and land remediation team works with commercial, residential, industrial and municipal clients to re-vegetate existing and new construction sites throughout Alberta.

What Is Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a process of mixing grass seed, fertilizer, tackifier and wood fiber-mulch with water in correct proportions inside a mechanical hydroseeding machine, then spraying the mixture or “slurry” onto the designated soil areas. Calgary Lawn Solutions Hydroseeding uses only top quality wood-based hydro-mulches and tackifiers that are far superior than less expensive paper mulches. The Wood Fiber Mulch provides excellent erosion control, moisture retention and helps prevent pests from getting to the seed to provide an ideal growing environment  for the grass seed. Wood fiber hydro-mulches also have a much greater water retention for quick germination and growth, and prevents soil erosion from wind and water. We are proud to provide a generous portion of Canadian Certified Grass Seed that has the highest retaining germination rate in the industry with a 99.9% purity rate to ensure the highest success rates and reduced weeds.  Hydroseeding and hydro-mulching can be used in all types of residential and commercial construction grass seeding projects, oil and gas site reclamation, slope protection and ditch erosion control, or even to replace an old expired lawn. Hydroseeding is a fast, easy and economical alternative to sodding. You can have a beautiful, healthy, durable lawn at a fraction of the cost of sodding.

Why not just hand seed?

A common problem with hand seeding is grass grows tends to grow in patches, leaving one’s yard full of unattractive bald spots. Sod is likely to show unsightly seams that detract from the lawn’s overall beauty. Hydroseeding, however, results in a thick, full yard with even growth. This is thanks to interwoven fibers that serve to create the perfect growing environment, one that is completely devoid of bald spots and seams.

Hydroseeding grows fast!

The work involved with hand seeding or laying sod often leaves people anxious to enjoy the results of their labor. Unfortunately, homeowners in Calgary are looking at several weeks before they can relax on the lawn. That is unless one decides on hydraulic mulch seeding, a process in which the seeds germinate faster. The result is a beautiful lawn one can enjoy before the end of summer.

Healthier Lawns

A key factor attributed to rich green grass is deep roots; the deeper the root system the more likely grass will receive the moisture and nutrients needed. Hand seeded grass and sod may never develop a root system deep enough to benefit from the nutrients and moisture found further within the ground. Thus, hydroseeding results in green and healthy grass whereas hand seeded and sod grass may have brown patches and bald spots.

Erosion Control

Erosion is a serious issue for residential homes and businesses alike, one that can result in structural damage. Unfortunately, the most common causes of erosion are difficult to control such as:

  • Wind

  • Rain

  • Pests

That said, hydraulic mulch seeding does indeed combat erosion by holding moisture in and protecting the soil from these destructive forces. This is thanks to the slurry used in hydraulic mulch seeding which binds the mix to the surface soil.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the greatest benefits for homeowners in Calgary is that hydraulic mulch seeding is environmentally safe. In fact, this form of planting a lawn is safe for:

  • Children

  • Pets

  • The Environment

Alas, hand seeding and sod may involve chemicals that might prove dangerous to families and their pets, not to mention the lasting effect on Mother Nature. In a day and age of growing awareness, that is an advantage few are going to overlook. That said, while this is indeed a redeeming quality, there are several other reasons for trying the hydraulic mulch seeding process.

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